Welcome to the Realm of Aryabhatta Learning

Aryabhatta High School is dedicated to providing the children of Adilabad with an environment that fosters diverse learning opportunities. We cater to a generation whose minds are keen on sharper, more focused thinking, yet seek a global perspective for their future. Our institution is ideal for those aspiring to think beyond boundaries, both in their minds and in their careers. Join us and let your child become a part of the Aryabhatta system of effective learning.

Empowering Children to Conquer the World

Our children inhabit a world where education transcends boundaries, subjects, and self-interest. It's about fostering learning experiences that unlock students' potential to thrive globally. Aryabhatta International School epitomizes this philosophy, aiming to reconcile the diverse aspects of modern education and mold children into accomplished citizens.

In the pursuit of preparing them for the demands of the 21st century, we have aligned ourselves with both international and national educational boards. This partnership ensures our students are equipped with a broad awareness of national issues and a global perspective, empowering them to excel on the world stage.


Radiating Confidence from the Podium

Aryabhatta High School is envisioned as a comprehensive day-boarding institution catering to students from Early Childhood Years Nursery to Grade X. With affiliations to the CBSE curriculum, the school offers tailored programs designed by this esteemed board. This flexibility allows parents and students to select the program that best suits their preferences upon admission.

Our integrated educational framework is meticulously crafted to nurture the holistic growth and innate talents of each child, fostering their development into well-rounded individuals. The curriculum is curated to encompass various facets of growth, including social, physical, emotional, and cultural dimensions, all while maintaining a steadfast commitment to academic excellence.

Cultivating Creativity and Culture on Campus

Aryabhatta High School emerges from ongoing research aimed at constructing a campus tailored to foster a student-centric educational model. Every aspect of the campus, from its environment to its facilities and culture, has been meticulously crafted to inspire growth and development. Spanning nearly 2,25,000 sq. ft., the campus features abundant open learning spaces meticulously planned and creatively designed to accommodate 21st-century teaching-learning programs and foster creativity in all forms. With a scientific layout and state-of-the-art amenities, Aryabhatta High School is poised to facilitate holistic growth and innovation.

World-Class Campus Hosts:
  • Air-conditioned Classrooms
  • Wide-open Learning Zones
  • ELC Hub
  • Toy Library
  • Activity Rooms
  • Fine Arts & Music Lounge
  • Primary and Secondary Library
  • ICT, Math, Science & Language Labs
  • Indoor Swimming Pool & Splash Pool
  • Outdoor Play Arena
  • Synthetic Courts
  • Central Security Hub
  • Indoor Auditorium
  • Dining Hall

Cultivating Future Leaders Through Childhood

Aryabhatta is dedicated to revolutionizing the educational landscape by nurturing students' intellectual, personal, emotional, and social competencies essential for thriving in an increasingly globalized world. Our approach entails implementing both national and international curricula, prioritizing the holistic development of students' mental faculties. Our overarching objective is to establish an educational framework that is dynamic, stimulating, rigorous, and meaningful, fostering collaborative learning, independence, and self-assurance.

Philosophy and Beliefs of Aryabhatta:
  • Every child coming to learn has a set of experiences, skills and interests, which must be considered in the teaching-learning process.
  • A comprehensive education includes development of traits like compassion, tolerance, cultural sensitivity, respect for rights of all people, the skills for peaceful resolution of conflict and development of environmental responsibility.
  • We will be a progressive school that’s adept in adopting emerging technologies and adapting to the changing global trends in education.
  • We shall be a school that influences the next generation to accept leadership to meet the global challenges of the 21st century.
  • We shall be a school that fosters an atmosphere of academic excellence and encourages intellectual inquiry and critical thinking.
  • We shall focus on achievement in the physical, intellectual and creative arts, which is the purpose of holistic education.
  • We will propagate social awareness, thoughtful interaction and effective communication among peers, parents and staff.