Empowering Children to Pursue Their Interests

Aryabhatta implements a personalized structured approach for students requiring additional support, particularly focusing on middle and high school levels. Our tailored programs are developed in collaboration with leading academic institutions, offering students the opportunity to explore Robotics and Astronomy with advanced lab kits. In addition to conventional classroom learning, our teaching methods encompass regular assessments, presentations, discussions, case studies, investigations, problem-solving tasks, and collaborative project work. Moreover, our curriculum integrates seminars, guest lectures, and workshops to enrich the learning experience. We conduct various internal, periodic, and bi-monthly assessments aligned with the academic calendar and completion of experiential modules.

Digitalised smart way of learning
Explaining in a practical way

Immersive Learning Experiences

At Aryabhatta, education revolves around various impactful, immersive, pertinent, and stimulating modules of experiential learning, each meticulously scheduled within the program. These cross-disciplinary modules of experiential learning empower students to apply a wide array of concepts, skills, and subject-specific knowledge, fostering a deeper comprehension of transdisciplinary themes. Students engage in meaningful and age-appropriate activities that explore concepts related to living organisms, earth and space, materials and substances, as well as forces and energies. Furthermore, they gain insights into social structures and cultural phenomena. Based on individual interests and academic availability, students are encouraged to participate in Science, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, and Literary events held regularly.

Integrating Classroom Learning with Real-world Experience

The Aryabhatta Educational System is strategically crafted to bridge classroom learning with real-world experiences, enhancing comprehension, retention, and fostering a culture of creative thinking. The school is committed to organizing a variety of activity-based educational tours, recreational excursions, and adventurous camps that seamlessly align with ongoing classroom themes. These educational tours are not only enjoyable but also encourage students to step out of their comfort zones, promoting social cohesion and creating memorable educational experiences.

Teacher interacting with students