Nurturing Early Technological Proficiency

The era in which we are in, is one that has made us technology-dependent, making it an indispensable part of our lives. Post the globe-wide changes that have taken place in the year 2020, technology and its aids have become the most essential tools. Which is why Aryabhatta has a state-of-the-art ICT and Digital Lab, wherein the focus is on building students' experience and ability to get hands-on with technology. The classrooms are equipped with smartboards and wi-fi connectivity for web-assisted learning. The ample infrastructure provides opportunities for students to develop their skills and become efficient, competent, productive, creative and ethical users of the ICT.

1-1 interaction
The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Program will:
  • Equip them to use and apply ICT effectively to access, process and communicate information.
  • Challenge students to independently apply practical and resourceful thinking skills using technology.
  • Encourage students to explore the role of information technology in both historical and modern-day contexts.
  • Raise students’ awareness of their responsibilities as global citizens while making decisions and taking action on technological issues.
  • Motivate students to appreciate the significance of technology in life and society.
Students library

Learning at Their Fingertips: Books and Clicks

Aryabhatta inspires the spirit of exploration, the joy of reading and the pursuit of knowledge for students, right from a young age. The school has plans for separate Libraries with an attached Digital Media Center for Primary and Secondary wings. The inventively designed fully-automated air-conditioned Library clusters, across different blocks of the school, form the knowledge-hub for students of varied age groups. The Digital Media Center shall be a repository of a plethora of digital documentaries, computer-based narratives, digital essays, electronic memoirs, interactive storytelling on various subjects and topics, and so on. The Media Center with advanced computers and tabs support discovery and learning skills among students.

Every Excursion Unveils a New Discovery

Created to be a day-boarding school, at Aryabhatta, students are provided with a healthy and hygienic environment to pursue their academics with undivided attention. The activities at Aryabhatta start with the first ray of the Sun kissing the earth, the fleet of air-conditioned buses with latest communication equipment driving down to various parts of Vijayawada and bringing the eagerly waiting children to school. To add to parents’ comfort, all drivers undergo orientation programme towards student security, travelling by school transportation. Aryabhatta also has installed the latest security systems monitored by a professional security agency. Parents are also connected to the school management and to understand their ward’s presence on campus and on bus, during travel.

bus facility
kid eating food

Exploring the Joys of Health, Food, and Happiness

Without a doubt, hygiene, health and nutrition are always the priority for Aryabhatta . Which is why Aryabhatta has set up a canteen run by trained chefs. Students can enjoy a healthy bite of delicious food and beverages. The school has a day-boarding facility as well and is setting up a centralized kitchen with a vast dining lounge. This facility will be a boon for parents who want the school to provide morning snack, lunch and evening snack for their wards. Alongside, the school also has a full-fledged 4-bed Infirmary. On campus there’s also a trained medical practitioner and a nurse to attend to an emergency. A student who reports sick is kept in the facility to recuperate.